Captive Management


Our in-house accounting staff not only manages our client’s insurance companies from issuance of premiums to monthly financial reporting, it also assures suitable tax and audit treatment.


We monitor jurisdictional regulatory statuses as they occur and assure that our clients are taking full advantage of the opportunities available under the law.


Investment Strategies

Our experienced finance team is positioned to support all financial functions for maximizing investment returns.



Our actuaries are experienced underwriters and will ensure that our clients’ captive insurance companies maintain proper financial solvency.



Our banking professionals will meet unique needs and are well-versed in complex international transactions. They will also assist in establishing accounts in well-known financial institutions.


Claims Management

We work with our clients to establish custom-tailored risk funding structures to create the highest possible level of asset protection. We also assist our clients in paying claims and aggressively defending actions.



Our firm retains highly qualified legal council to provide our clients with valuable advice in areas such as regulatory compliance, corporate structure, and tax accounting.



Risk structures may be subject to annual financial audits depending on the regulations of the respective domicile. Our partners will help provide the necessary attestation services to maintain compliance.



Our CPAs and tax experts will assure all required tax documents are filed on a timely basis and that risk structures are compliant with IRS safe harbor rulings and other tax laws.